Welcome on my english website !

Its purpose is to make available some of my contents about PolyVagal Theory.


Hi, I’m Sandra !

I’m a french scientist, coach and instructor
who explored stress physiology and polyvagal theory
to understand and share knowledge about
stress-defense and power of slow & flow.

I’ve illustrated PolyVagal Theory
on various blog posts and videos
on my french website EfferveScience.fr

I’ve also wrote a book about PolyVagal Theory,
stress and burn-out : “Le POWER du Je(u)” 🙂

Here I’ll translate some of my contents in english,
because we all need more of Ventral Vagal POWER !


PolyVagal Theory illustrated

This article is a little different from my usual informative 'novels' (I make LONG blog posts): here you will have visuals! I have illustrated the PolyVagal Theory A LOT in my blog posts, here I propose to share with you a selection of visuals that I have translate...

PolyVagal Theory: back to basics

It's been almost five years since I've started to dissect the PolyVagal Theory and... I realize that I have never really presented the BASICS of PVT. I immediately made the connexion between PolyVagal Theory and my expertise, the physiology of stress and burn-out,...