This article is a little different from my usual informative ‘novels’ (I make LONG blog posts): here you will have visuals!

I have illustrated the PolyVagal Theory A LOT in my blog posts, here I propose to share with you a selection of visuals that I have translate into English and Spanish, because PVT benefits from being always better known and disseminated, and that it is still much more digestible when it is illustrated 🙂

A blog post like an image base for trainers, therapists, coaches, doctors, infopreneurs who participate in publicizing PVT: the illustrations are free of rights, you can reuse them for your free informative content, just remember to quote me (leaving the EfferveScience logo or quoting EfferveScience if you had to cut the image).

I’m not going to comment on the visuals, it’s really just an article for sharing and making visuals available for people already initiated to PVT.
To learn more about the PolyVagal Theory, go to my recent article which introduce the updated foundations of PVT (with several illustrations here too), and let’s go for the illustrations!


That’s all folks!

I hope these illustrations will be useful to you.
You can find them in pdf version on this link
(yes it’s open access, I’m not asking you for an email, mission simplificAction)

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And for even more visuals and tools… well it’ld be in French, in my book or in my formAction POWER.

Now it’s up to you, let’s inform avout PolyVagal Theory!